When you choose to apply for life insurance you want to qualify for a low-risk class and the reason behind is pretty much obvious. It allows you to enjoy the lowest rate for your life insurance coverage.

Life insurance without health questions comes with an ease of standard rate and can be availed straight without any time-consuming health diagnosis or evaluations. However, the actual scenario is entirely different from what we expect. As most of the people fall into the category of high-risk insurance plans.

According to a study that reveals that more than 102 million Americans, could face medical underwriting or get denied for a health insurance coverage due to their preexisting conditions. Moreover, the global pandemic has aggravated the statistics specifically for those who had underlying conditions.

If you are not yet clear, what the term is all about and how it may affect the individuals applying for the life insurance plans. Then let us explain it to you in detail, about what exactly life insurance for high-risk individual means and how it works to provide health cushion to such people. 

Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel is a Licensed Agent dedicated to helping his clients get the best solution. From Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and Supplemental Retirement. Licensed in over 20+ States.


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