What is Income Protection ?

Income Protection, or Paycheck Protection, provides a monthly benefit if you are unable to work due to an accident or a sickness.

Often referred to as Disability Insurance, the concept of income protection is to replace a percentage of your income when you are hurt or sick and your income (paycheck) stops.

There is no “one” plan for everybody.

You can create a plan based on what percentage of income you want to replace (typically 60%), when you want the benefits to begin and how long you want the benefits to last.

Each of these decisions has an effect on your cost along with other factors such as age, sex, occupation and smoker status.

Do I need Income Protection ?

The question you need to ask yourself is, “what impact would it have on me and my family if I no longer had a paycheck?”

For the overwhelming majority of people, the consequences of no income would be financially devastating.

Statistics from the Council For Disability Awareness show that your chances of becoming disabled before age 65 are greater than dying, greater than your house being destroyed and greater than your car being totaled in an accident.

In fact, just over 1 in 4 of today’s 20 year olds will become disabled before they retire. So, while many people do insure their life, their house and their car, most people fail to insure their income.

Unfortunately, far too many people think that either they are adequately covered through work and/or that Social Security will take care of them.

These assumptions can lead to financial ruin.

Frequently Asked Questions on Disability Insurance

How much benefit will I receive?

You can purchase a monthly benefit that replaces up to 60% of your monthly income. The maximum monthly benefit you can purchase is $5000/month.

When will my benefits begin?

You are eligible to begin receiving benefits once you have satisfied the elimination (waiting) period. The most common waiting period is 90 days.

How long will my benefits last?

Benefits will last until you are no longer disabled or to the end of the benefit period that you apply for. The most common benefit periods are 2 years, 5 years or Age 67.

What will coverage cost?

Your cost depends on several factors to include age, occupation and the plan that you choose. By completing Step 1 in the process, you will see the exact cost of your coverage.

When do I pay my premiums?

You can choose to pay your premium annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly.

What ages can apply for coverage?

Coverage is available for individuals between the ages of 18 and 60.

Will I need to submit financial information as part of the process?

No, financial documentation is NOT required during the application process.

How does the policy define disability?

You will be considered disabled, if, while under a physician’s care, you are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your Own Occupation and are not engaged in any other Gainful Occupation.

Will my benefits be reduced if I receive Social Security or Worker’s Compensation?


Can I buy less than the maximum monthly benefit I qualify for?

Yes, while you are typically eligible to replace 60% of your income, you can choose a lesser monthly benefit if that best fits your needs.

Will I receive benefits if I go back to work on a part time basis?

Should you return to your job on a part time basis after you have been Totally Disabled, you are eligible to receive 50% on your monthly benefit for up to 12 additional months.

Am I guaranteed to be accepted for coverage?

No. You must qualify for the coverage, but you will receive a decision once you answer the questions in Steps 1 and 2